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How Managed IT Can Save You Money


For the small business, times are increasingly tough. Many businesses have been forced to close down until after the coronavirus outbreak has been mitigated, but for those businesses who are still at it, you must be looking to save some money. Outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider may be just the thing you are looking for in order to get comprehensive IT support your business needs, while also strategically cutting organizational outlay for IT support and services.


Most business decision-makers know what a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is. For those who don’t, an MSP is an organization that employs business consultants and IT technicians for the express purpose of selling a comprehensive managed IT services platform to your business. This service has many potential benefits, but none so direct as the amount of money you will save and the productivity you will gain over the other methods of IT support. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most important services that Tetratos Managed Technology and Security provides.


Remote Monitoring and Management


When your technology breaks, how do you go about getting it fixed or replaced? Do you use the local computer guy? Or, do you already pay a team of dedicated IT technicians to be administrators? Whichever route you’ve chosen to go, managed IT services can provide a better situation. Firstly, using our state-of-the-art remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, we are able to monitor your business’ entire IT infrastructure and, if we find some inconsistencies or irregularities, we can fix them inside of the RMM platform. This ensures that your company’s IT is up and running effectively, mitigating the accrued costs found in downtime.

On the other hand, since comprehensive managed IT services can cover the support needs of almost any business, retaining a team of IT technicians becomes a large, redundant cost. In lean times, making a decision that can save your business thousands of dollars a month makes sense if you can get comparable or better coverage for your IT. An MSP like Tetratos offers you just that.


Computer Repair


If hardware does break, how can your business get the malfunctioning IT fixed and back up and running quickly? As stated before, Tetratos can use their RMM to fix a lot of the problems you have, but if you need boots on the ground, our technicians will come to your business to fix the problem for you quickly and competently.

Additionally, we feature an around-the-clock help desk that you can call to get support. Technicians can then use the RMM tool to help any member of your staff fix the issue they need to be fixed, fast.


IT Procurement & Setup


Technology components degrade as they get older. While our RMM strategy will pick up many failing components, sometimes there is nothing to do but to replace your hardware. Our consultants have relationships with some of the very best hardware and software vendors in the industry making it easier to design, obtain, and deploy the technology your business needs, when it needs it.


Patch Management


Software is the lifeblood of almost every business, but it is also one of the most attacked elements of a business’ IT infrastructure. To ensure that there are no vulnerabilities, your software needs to be patched and updated regularly. At Tetratos, we make sure that all software, including storage, DBMSs, and operating systems are patched with the latest threats.


Vendor Management


If you just tracked the amount of time your vendors take trying to get you to try new products, fulfilling service and product orders, and more, you would be amazed. As a part of a managed IT service platform, our consultants will work with your vendors to get you the best value. It may mean saving money on the services and products you use now, or it may mean getting more for what you already pay. Either way, opening up you and your people to focus on your business (not vendor relationships) can go a long way toward increasing efficiency and revenue growth.


Security, Compliance and Regulatory Management


In the news almost every day there is some new event detailing an organization that has been hacked or been infected with malware or ransomware. Mostly we read about Federal, State or City governments or large corporations that are considered "news" worthy. The reality is much more disturbing. Small to medium-sized business are one of the prime targets for hackers, not large corporations. Why? That answer is simple, they typically do not invest in the tools and staff to protect their resources. 

Furthermore, we often see violations of compliance or regulatory requirements without even conducting an audit. A prime example is seeing healthcare organizations (Hospitals, Clinics, Dentists, etc) that use Gmail for their staff email systems. Gmail is not HIPAA or HITECH compliant and would result in a fine if that business was audited. Whether it is HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC, SOX, and many others, Tetratos can not only help secure your organization, but we can help you identify where you are not in compliance and help you achieve compliance. 



If you are looking to cut costs with your IT management, or if you just want to get our professional staff working for you, call us today at 813.999.0631 to speak to one of our consultants about the first steps of using managed IT services.

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